A once holy nation has been divided, scattered, and exterminated after forsaking the task entrusted to them by their god. Only four were chosen to survive the race’s doom, and now they must complete the special mission. There is just one question they do not know how to answer: how are four teenage elves and four dragons going to affect anything in a war between gods and devils?

The Kingdom and the Crown cover by S. R. Ford author books
The Kingdom and the Crown

ISBN-13: 978-1481888479        ASIN: B007NUYXNA

Blood has coated the land in slippery sheets from the moment Tolucan took the throne. Lies, rumors, and sorcery destroyed the treaties which had been in place for two-thousand years. Friendships were forgotten, alliances were betrayed, and an entire race was plunged into the terrifying realms of annihilation.

Now only three of their kind remain. They do not know they are the last and they are kept in hiding. What is to become of them? It is rumored they will overcome the king and restore the peaceful days of old. Will they? Can they? We can only hope. Tolucan’s power is spreading across the continent while it is reported that dragons have been sighted along the mountainous skyline to the north. It seems the time is drawing near sooner than I had expected ...


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The Elements and the Exodus cover by s r ford author books
The Elements and the Exodus

ISBN-13: 978-1481825207        ASIN: B00BJ3PDPY

The war is far from over. Tolucan may be dead, Malystryx may have been purified, and Zarrys may have been crowned; but that was only the beginning. Far south of Mount Ryel, nestled safely inside a stronghold of a wall, lies the majestic palace in Dedoram, a battleground that remains to be conquered. Dedoram has been left to Tolucan’s queen Fiona, and beyond Dedoram are the other cities of the nations King Tolucan conquered during his rule. The entire continent is freshly scarred from the two decades of war, and the humans will doubtfully take to the rule of an elf with kindness.

As King Zarrys and his comrades make their way south, a great debate has already begun. Shunul, the greatest enemy of the new king, has put his next plan into action. Fiona is not alone in Dedoram, and Shunul knows precisely whom to attack next.


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The ancients spoke of worlds hidden amid the sky and buried beneath our feet; they told stories of elves, dwarves, giants, dragons and magic. Their world was very different than ours, because the planet is constantly changing and developing, like a living soul, under the watchful eyes of the King and Master of Hearts. So what adventures await Dan Barker and Aaron Flanagan when they are made apprentices to these two guardians of the world? Of all the myths and legends they will have to face, which ones are fictitious and which ones are dangerously true?

Oblivion's Gate Mimgardr Cover s r ford author books

ISBN-13: 978-1490917832        ASIN: B00F03CE2Y


The world is about to unravel ...


Dan Barker and Aaron Flanagan left the office that morning headed to an appointment. Dan seemed particularly anxious about it, and Aaron couldn’t help but wonder why.

As it turns out, Dan is part of a plot and Aaron will soon find himself tumbling down a hole. At the bottom he will land on an island surrounded by darkness, and there he will encounter his first goblin, a white staff, and Michael Maccini, the King of Hearts.

Aaron, like Dan before him, is about to be offered an apprenticeship. If he accepts, it will change his view of the world completely and place him in a position of great power. That is, if he and Dan can survive the tests of Mimgardr.


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