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Which Race Would You Be?


If you were in the Kingdom Chronicles series, would you be a Vagan, an Uhuu-mal, a dragon, a phoenix, or a noheim? Now is the time to find out!


Which Element Would You Have Authority Over?


There are twelve elements in the Kingdom Chronicles: time, space, life, death, light, darkness, earth, fire, water, air, metal and energy. Which one would you have the ability to control? And what does it say about you and your potential? Take this quiz and find out.



Where Would Your Loyalties Lie?


If you were a character in the Oblivion's Gate trilogy, where would your loyalties lie? Would you hail the King and Master of Hearts or the Fallen? Or would you be wholly loyal to Medleretz, your home realm? Maybe you're only interested in yourself. Or perhaps you're just a normal person who is still completely clueless. Take the test and find out.



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